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amommyabroad 48%



Emily is an expat living in Austria. She and her husband have been blogging about their travel experiences to document and be able to share their adventures to the world. Since her transfer to Austria, she realized the availability of endless opportunities. They have since been embarking and satisfying their wanderlust around the world with their children to create great memories together.
Life us Dusseldorf 33%



Jenna from a Life in Düsseldorf works with local businesses and businesses who wish to reach out to the English speaking community in the area. The site is an online publication where she can share the best about living in Düsseldorf, in an honest and generous way. It is designed to help expats settle in and live it up in their new home.
California Globetrotter 5%



Lorelei from Cali Globetrotter is an American expat living in Germany. She and her husband have an unwritten rule that at least once a month, they were going to explore a new place to satisfy her restless feet syndrome. Her blog contains stories of her adventures and experiences in these new places. Readers should definitely check out her comprehensive travel guides and tips.
Erin at Large 3%



Erin is a Canadian freelance writer who is currently based in southern Germany with her small family. Her passions include exploring, cooking, wine, tulips, and castles. Her blog, Erin at Large, serves as a platform where she can write about her family life which includes gardening, beekeeping, cooking, going out, the expat life, and so much more.
Dont' Stand so Close to Me 2%



Jessie of Oddities and Ends moved from Detroit to Wolfsburg, Germany in 2017. She started her blog as a place for her to document her travels, opinions. Occasionally, she also posts short stories. Since moving to Germany, however, her blog has transformed into an expat and travel blog where readers can find anecdotal evidence of what life in Germany is like.

Rebecca 2%



Rebecca is a traveler, book lover, and mother of two who is trying to navigate her life in a new country. She decided to launch Making Here Home after moving to Germany because she believes that her experiences as an expat are worth sharing. She also founded the Expat Book Club, a community of women who are connected by a shared love of reading.
James 2%



James from Live Work Germany is a native Brit who moved to Wiesbaden, Germany in 2006 for a career opportunity. The site initially started as a personal blog but has since then expanded to offer online services and consulting to expats and those who are planning to move to the country. From getting bank accounts to finding an apartment, the site is a useful resource that is definitely worth a visit.
Ava 2%



Ava initially created her blog to share her expat life in Germany. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lupus, a condition which limited her life and travels. However, the disease also gave her an incentive to share her experience and connect with other people around the world who are going through the same thing. Her blog has since evolved into a space where she can write about her life and travels with a chronic illness.
Christie 2%



Christie is a freelance food and travel writer. Originally from London, she moved to Rheingau, Germany’s Riesling region, in 2010. Her blog contains posts about the food in her new home, which are fueled by her passion for a traditional and fiercely regional cuisine which most people dismiss as nothing but beer and Bratwurst. A Sausage for Two serves as a space where she can document her explorations with these amazing regional dishes.
Let The Journey Begin 1%



Ilze hails from Latvia, but she moved to Northern Germany to pursue her studies. After meeting her husband there, she decided to stick around a little while longer. She originally started the blog, Let the Journey Begin, to share her honeymoon adventures in Malaysia. Eventually, the blog transformed into a space where she can document her journey into parenthood.

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