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Thalia, Otto, XXX Lutz and Bonprix

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Gian and Sheila

This lovely couple is always ready for some adventure. Discover the beauty if the Philippines and blend with the locals with this site. If you are in the lookout for some extreme outdoor adventure, this blog is for you. Expect some real adventure such as scuba diving, mounting climbing, and some food escapades. Read about their amazing stories and get inspired.
featherandthewind 21%


Fel and Wes are talented individuals who create inspiring travel videos. Their mission is to inspire their readers to be passionate about traveling the world. They are a cute couple that write and share travel advice and ideas. This blog introduces to readers beautiful destinations coupled with amazing experiences. Definitely one of the best blogs on the list.
oursweetadventures 18%

Christina & Adam

This hospitality power couple shares with the readers their awesome travel and food experiences around the world. Christina and Adam have been to many incredible places around the world. They inspire others to visit new places and try different international cuisines. It is lovely reading about their adventures. 5%

Jim and Christina

Jim and Christina have been traveling since 2000 and together they have been sharing recipes, and provide travel tips and experiences to the world. They travel the globe together in search for the most romantic destinations, and the best places to wine and dine.
crazzzytravel 4%

Illia and Nastia

They save money to travel more and have been to over 42 countries in 5 continents. They share tips and insights about saving money such as looking for budget airlines while enjoying the trip. This couple proves that traveling on a budget is easy.
twodrifters 3%

Amy & Nathan is the best blog for that ultimate romantic getaway. They bring romantic travel destinations, their views about love and relationships, their travels and photography. Travel truly makes a relationship stronger. 3%

Stephen & Jess

Stephen and Jess started documenting their travel experiences way back 2014. As a young couple, they create daily videos that show their life as they travel. Aside from enjoying their travel adventures, they also do volunteer projects in many parts of the globe. 3%

Lance and Laura

This power couple work hard for travel. This blog proves that having a little time away from work does not limit a person to travel. This couple encourages readers to fulfill their dreams and be able to see the beauty of the world through travel.
neverendingvoyage 2%

Simon & Erin

Simon and Erin sold their stuffs in 2010 to engage in the nomadic life. Their dream of travelling the world brought them to many beautiful places and experience interesting cultures. Their travel guides let every reader plan that perfect trip.
aworldtotravel 2%


This blog is one for travel who travels for awesome experiences. This couple share their adventures and misadventures through pictures and images. If you are into sports, outdoors and has a dream of living a life of travel, this blog is for you. 2%

Dave And Vicky

This blog is more than just a travel blog. It is made to be a travel resource for travel enthusiasts. They share travel tips, and suggest travel needs. They share inspiration that they seek out while they are on the road.
hoppingmiles 0%

Ashwini and Neetan

This couple travel around Bangalore especially to areas less travelled by tourists to share with the readers the beauty of the places. They love long rides and romantic and luxurious adventures. To learn more about their itineraries, tips and experiences, visit


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